Month: December 2017

More on transfats

Let’s talk some more about chocolate vs chocolate compound, saturated fats and translates, should we? Some times ago medical science considerate unsaturated fat as good and saturated fats as bad. Not it’s quite opposite, and all is about their effect on blood vessels. You can research further in this subject, and I try to keep …

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Stevia for fitness

Stevia is the best sweetener for those who are into fitness and watching their weight. It doesn’t increase calorie or carbs count, so sweeten away your day without worries!

Cocoa Beans

Cocoa beans is the source of many of products in my shop, so I love and truly respect them, They are rich source of minerals and vital elements, that we are craving thinking of chocolate. Cocoa beans are the purest form of chocolate possible, the base and the start. Can you eat cocoa beans? Surely, …

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