Month: January 2018

Free samples

Every order get free samples! Before they were free-dried cocoa and raw cocoa powder, now I also have samples of cacao powder and cocoa nibs. Don’t hesitate to make your order and get samples of cocoa products!

Cocoa shell search

Let’s search for shell, shall we? Nibs are 90% shell free. Amazing quality that can be yours for 800 baht a kilo with a flat shipping fee or free delivery if your order 2 kilograms. Wholesale discounts apply.

Cocoa nibs

Whose hands are holding those gorgeous nibs right now? Maybe it’s a mom trying to make superfood healthy treats for her kids? Or a chef decorating a new dessert? Or raw foodie using them as natural chocolate chips? Maybe it’s a blogger who tries them as an amazing background for food creations? So what are …

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