Month: February 2018

Cassava flour

The best gluten free flour? Cassava flour! It gives the best texture, so when I bake normal bread and bread with cassava flour, it’s hard to see the difference. They look alike. It’s not a tapioca starch, it’s a wholefood product. 1 kg 160 baht. 5 kg 650 baht. 10 kg 1200 baht. All February …

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Cacao powder

Cacao powder is freshly made from local Thai cocoa beans after extraction of cacao butter. It’s has a mellow unique taste and nutritional value of natural cocoa. 1 kg is 750 baht 500 gr is 400 baht 250 gr is 250 baht All February Flat shipping rate offer is still on! 100 baht delivery within …

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Cacao butter

Cacao butter is the heart of any chocolate. With this cacao butter your chocolate or other dessert will stand out proudly! When it’s shipped, it’s securely packed. On picture it’s cacao butter that was stored in room temperature of 30C in dark place. You see how hard and consistent it is. 1 kg is 1700 …

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Why Clean Food?

I created CLEAN shop with idea of people choosing the ingredients themselves. I wanted to give a choice of having that exact components to be in product that YOU want. So you can add whatever you want and play with simple, clean ingredients in your own kitchen. I want my products to be easy to …

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Raw vs. Roasted

Goodness of live enzymes in raw cocoa nibs or rich chocolate flavor in roasted ones, what do you choose? Maybe order both and compare which do you prefer? The price is the same: 1 kg is 800 baht 500 gr is 450 baht 250 gr is 250 baht All February Flat shipping rate offer is …

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