Month: April 2018

How to pay for your order?

1. Please write what product/products you would like to get. What weight of product/products? 2. I provide you the quote of shipping and total cost. 3. Please pay for your order in advance. You can do it with Thai bank transfer or via PayPal. Thai bank transfer variants: a) Internet banking transfer if you have …

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Ceremonial cacao

Ceremonial cacao is what sometimes people is asking me to provide. I researched the information about this product online, and I am glad to tell you that I have it. As far as I found out this is raw cacao mass, fermented and sun-dried cacao beans that were refined into chocolate mass that has no …

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Vegan cashew chocolate

This is my very first take on vegan cashew chocolate. It looks nice! But the ratio should be changed. I took 130 gr cashew, 100 gr cacao butter, matcha and stevia. I think cacao butter should be less because nuts contain fat themselves, too.

Biggest trends

Today is Sunday, full on relax, and I am to entertain you with latest chocolate trends. 1. Of course, the biggest news on the market is Pink Chocolate! WoW! Naturally pink! Amazing! Everyone wants to try it, me too! 2. Second, the brownie brittle is everywhere! It is well stored products that brings you chocolate …

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Chocolate work!

Today I want to share several easy chocolate work techniques with you. Please scroll pictures to see them 🙂

How to order?

It is the most asked question! 1. Please write what product/products you would like to get. 2. Do you want it to be from raw or roasted cacao beans? 3. What weight of product/products? I have 250 gr, 500 gr, 1 kg packs, and 5 and 10 kg for wholesale orders. — after that I …

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Chocolate molding

Are you creative? Do you like handcrafts? I love it, and I am sure you do, too. I want to talk about chocolate making. It can sound like artistic and challenging job, and it truly is. But you can try your hands on right away if you have right ingredients! As I told you before, …

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Cacao for success!

Imagine: you start your day full if love, joy and happiness. Feeling the energy to live this time and realize maximum of what you’ve planned. This is how you feel after drinking cacao! It is nothing like caffeine rush. Cacao is flowing you through the day smoothly, so your level is up, motivation is high …

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