Clean Ingredients

Sweeteners in chocolate

I am eager to choose healthiest sweetener for my products. I know it is still sugar and carbohydrate. But chocolate sweetened with stevia tastes disgusting. It is on the edge of uneatable. Stevia doesn’t mask the bitterness of cocoa at all, quite opposite, it adds very unpleasant bitter presence of its’ own. If you don’t …

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Ceremonial cacao

Ceremonial cacao is what sometimes people is asking me to provide. I researched the information about this product online, and I am glad to tell you that I have it. As far as I found out this is raw cacao mass, fermented and sun-dried cacao beans that were refined into chocolate mass that has no …

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Biggest trends

Today is Sunday, full on relax, and I am to entertain you with latest chocolate trends. 1. Of course, the biggest news on the market is Pink Chocolate! WoW! Naturally pink! Amazing! Everyone wants to try it, me too! 2. Second, the brownie brittle is everywhere! It is well stored products that brings you chocolate …

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Cacao for success!

Imagine: you start your day full if love, joy and happiness. Feeling the energy to live this time and realize maximum of what you’ve planned. This is how you feel after drinking cacao! It is nothing like caffeine rush. Cacao is flowing you through the day smoothly, so your level is up, motivation is high …

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Cassava flour

The best gluten free flour? Cassava flour! It gives the best texture, so when I bake normal bread and bread with cassava flour, it’s hard to see the difference. They look alike. It’s not a tapioca starch, it’s a wholefood product. 1 kg 160 baht. 5 kg 650 baht. 10 kg 1200 baht. All February …

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Cacao powder

Cacao powder is freshly made from local Thai cocoa beans after extraction of cacao butter. It’s has a mellow unique taste and nutritional value of natural cocoa. 1 kg is 750 baht 500 gr is 400 baht 250 gr is 250 baht All February Flat shipping rate offer is still on! 100 baht delivery within …

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