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Chocolate work

How chocolate work look like? Do you think it is romantic, fairy-tale and full of miracles? I can definitely tell it is work for patient people 🙂 And very accurate ones. This is my day-to-day company. And the intoxicating smell is coming not only from chocolate. Yes, cacao aroma is in the air, but I …

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Today I’m answering the frequently asked question. Not all of them, but many. Здесь я отвечаю на самые частые вопросы, сначала на английском, русский ниже. Are products organic? This year organic certificate should be obtained. Cacao trees are grown without chemicals or pesticides use. How much does delivery cost? The cost of delivery depends on …

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Manufacturing is hard. Seeing the end result and pleasure of customers is satisfying but many parts of the process is hard work. One of the hardest part is sourcing ingredients. As many of you may know, I started as a manufacturer. When I was creating ice cream, I was searching for quality ingredients. One of …

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Cacao or Cocoa?

Lots of information online about difference in these two forms. But in real life they are used interchangeably. What do you think, is there strict usage of cocoa being raw product? In Russian, my native language, we don’t have two words, only one, which allows us to differ raw from roasted by using additional word …

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