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Chocolate wrapping

This is how I pack all experimental chocolate bars that are not included in Clean Chocolate and Clean.Basic series. This one is milk chocolate, bean-to-bar. Do you want one? Message me and get it promptly 🙂

Gluten free brownies price

How much a brownie cost? Even better, how much is gluten-free brownie cost? Here I have calculation according prices for products in my shop. Cassava flour (gluten-free), 1 kg 160 baht. Cacao powder, 1 kg is 750 baht. Dark bitter chocolate, 1 kg is 1500 baht. Other product: salt, vanilla essence, butter, eggs, coconut sugar. Prices can vary. The recipe makes 16 brownies, not big. Each costs 11,5 baht for ingredients.

Wild chocolate structure

Wild chocolate (untempered chocolate that left to harden at room temperature) gets very interesting structure with time. It looks like big atoms chained to each other. On the top – of course – it is fat bloom, but all the chocolate gets this new for me structure. Maybe it happens only in a hot climate, I haven’t researched on this topic yet, but I am looking forward to it.

Colored bonbons with fillings

How to make chocolates with fillings? I tried to show several times, and this is my new attempt, still very far from ideal 🙂 I also demonstrate very simple colour technique.

White chocolate lavender ganache

This is white chocolate ganache with lavender in work. The final stage is chocolate, cream and butter mixed with almond powder. The ratio was changed, before I posted better recipe of white chocolate truffle with lavender and texture was better.

Chocolate molding

Chocolate molding process! It should be tempered before. Afterwards let it rest for 5-10 minutes on counter top before transferring to a fridge.

Milk chocolate ganache process

Here is the process of melting chocolate (I used milk chocolate couverture) and mixing it with cream to make ganache. This ganache is for filling. Luckly, I save the ratio. It’s 310 grams of milk chocolate and 300 grams of cream. The ratio depends on the kind of chocolate. So it should be changed if you use dark or white chocolate. The chocolate should be melted, the cream should be heated up to 80C and mixed in not all in one time but in 3-5 rounds, with mixing throughout in between.

How to pay for your order?

1. Please write what product/products you would like to get. What weight of product/products? 2. I provide you the quote of shipping and total cost. 3. Please pay for your order in advance. You can do it with Thai bank transfer or via PayPal. Thai bank transfer variants: a) Internet banking transfer if you have Thai bank account b) Deposit to my account in any bank branch c) Deposit to my account via CDM machine. This is close look alike to ATM machine but with CDM letters on it. It takes only 100, 500 and 1000 banknotes. It also takes 20 baht commission surcharge. Sometimes you have to add to my account more money because of this conditions. In this case I can put change in your parcel. Thank you!

Chocolate work!

Chocolate work!

Today I want to share several easy chocolate work techniques with you. Please scroll pictures to see them 🙂

I want to make my own chocolate!

I want to make my own chocolate!

I want to make it because I want to control my sugar intake. I want to make it because I want to get super creative with addings and toppings. I want to make it because I want it be vegan and milky in the same time. Whatever is your reason, I fully understand your desire. I offer plain strictly plant-based no sugar added products that are solid base for your creation. There are 3 simple variants: 1. Cacao mass. Cacao mass is grinded and conched cacao beans. It is like chocolate but consists only of cacao beans and nothing else. There is no sugar or lecithin or whatsoever. It is very fine. If you melt it, it will become liquid. This is how you can add sweeteners to it. Please notice that powdered sweeteners will influent the texture. Before tempering, please add all ingredients that you want to change the …

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