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Cocoa shell search

Let’s search for shell, shall we? Nibs are 90% shell free. Amazing quality that can be yours for 800 baht a kilo with a flat shipping fee or free delivery if your order 2 kilograms. Wholesale discounts apply.

Cocoa nibs

Whose hands are holding those gorgeous nibs right now?Maybe it’s a mom trying to make superfood healthy treats for her kids?Or a chef decorating a new dessert?Or raw foodie using them as natural chocolate chips?Maybe it’s a blogger who tries them as an amazing background for food creations? So what are those nibs are becoming now?What will they become?So interesting to know… Can you imagine how many uses exist for cocoa nibs? The smell is so chocolatey and texture is crunchy.They can be ordered in different sizes.They can be raw or roasted.They are totally natural cocoa and nothing is added.They almost free of shell. You can find little pieces of shell here and there but 90% are free of shell.They are safe and healthy.They are grown and produced in Chiang Mai, Thailand. They are yours for a small price. 250 gr is 250 baht, 500 gr is 450 baht and …

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The goodness of chocolate

The goodness of chocolate

We love chocolate for many reasons. One of them is we immediately feel happy. Scientists say it’s due to phenylethylamine that lifts our mood. We feel flow of energy. Theobromine helps us to awake and speed things up. It is calorie dense, so we feel also full and satisfied. And, not the least important thing, it gives us serotonin that makes us sleep better, more relaxed and reduce anxiety. It comes to all cocoa products, but even more than that to actual chocolate that consists of irresistible combination of sugar and fat which we historically and biologically see as best food ever as a source of vital energy.

More on transfats

Let’s talk some more about chocolate vs chocolate compound, saturated fats and translates, should we?Some times ago medical science considerate unsaturated fat as good and saturated fats as bad. Not it’s quite opposite, and all is about their effect on blood vessels. You can research further in this subject, and I try to keep it brief.As you I posted yesterday data, both cocoa butter and hydrogenated palm oil are high in saturated fats. Generally, nowadays it doesn’t considered obviously bad, but. The thing is not all saturated fats are equal. Some raise cholesterol, some do not. Why is it so? Because they consist of different acids: lauric, stearic, palmitic and myristic. So chocolate gets a good reputation as its cocoa butter consists of stearic acid that doesn’t raise LDL cholesterol. Palm oil with its palmitic acid are in much more shady area and may be the cause of inflammation. More …

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Chocolate vs chocolate compound

Many people LOVE LOVE LOVE chocolate products, be that bars or chocolate cakes. But do you really know what you consume when you buy chocolate products?It’s a very common for bakeries and manufacturers to use chocolate compound instead of real chocolate. The reasons why are:– compound is crazily cheap! It’s at least 5 times cheaper than chocolate.– it is heat stable. It contains solidified palm fats so it keeps it shape even in hot surroundings. Usually it’s labeled as vegetable fat or oil.– it is easy to hold and shape because doesn’t require tempering. You can melt and mould compound with ease. Chocolate consists of cocoa mass (it has both cocoa powder and butter altogether) and sugar. Some chocolate bars also include lecithin to prolong shelf life.Compound consists of numerous components. Do you want to consume all of them? Nowadays many people try to make best efforts to include in …

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Stevia for fitness

Stevia for fitness

Stevia is the best sweetener for those who are into fitness and watching their weight. It doesn’t increase calorie or carbs count, so sweeten away your day without worries!

Cocoa Beans

Cocoa Beans

Cocoa beans is the source of many of products in my shop, so I love and truly respect them, They are rich source of minerals and vital elements, that we are craving thinking of chocolate. Cocoa beans are the purest form of chocolate possible, the base and the start. Can you eat cocoa beans? Surely, you can. Roasting and peeling the shell of surely make eating them more enjoyable. Cocoa beans sold at Clean shop by weight. 1 kg is 500 baht, 500 gr is 300 baht. If you want, you can ask me and I will sell you 250 grams for 200 baht. Flat shipping rate within Thailand is 100 baht. Yes, you can buy them in bulk and get huge discount. Ask your friends, maybe they want cocoa beans too?

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