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Banana nuts bars

Great new healthy snack recipe! Gluten-free, sugar-free, stevia extract free 🙂 Not sweet, I warn you. Bananas after baking lose their sweetness somehow. Ingredients: 2 bananas, mashed 1 tbs lime juice, 70 gr toasted coconut butter, 50 gr dried coconut flakes, 80 gr powdered almonds, 80 gr cut oats, 80 gr broken cashews. Mix everything, place in baking sheet and decorate with 80 gr macadamia and 10 gr sesame seeds. Bake 40 minutes at 160C. Please add something so it can be sweet! Without sweeteners it is good first day, but later taste goes bland.

Salad protein brownies

Again I am trying healthy recipes, and today I’m sharing how I baked «brownies»with lots of vegetables in them. Source recipe call only for cauliflower, but I was out of that amount of it, so I had to add broccoli and then even carrot for the weight needed. And again I added liquid stevia instead of sugar, and for me the taste of stevia just doesn’t go along cacao. How do they even make chocolate sweetened with stevia? I need to try do it myself to find out. The result is never can be called brownie. It is anti-brownie. It is more like sweet chocolatey bread, extremely healthy, obviously very good for me because of all vegetables. I felt very proud eating that. I feel motivated to experiment with healthy recipes further. List of ingredients: 90 gr of cauliflower, broccoli and carrot 40 ml of coconut oil 50 gr cassava …

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Vegan cashew chocolate

This is my very first take on vegan cashew chocolate. It looks nice! But the ratio should be changed. I took 130 gr cashew, 100 gr cacao butter, matcha and stevia. I think cacao butter should be less because nuts contain fat themselves, too.

Healthy Grain-Free Breakfast bread with Cacao

Do you like exploring new recipes? I love doing that! When I saw in my Pinterest: Death by Chocolate, Grain Free Healthy recipe, I knew I should try that. It was everything I was looking for: chocolatey and gluten-free, and there were zucchinis in! I haven’t tried adding them to chocolate baking yet, so I was intrigued. The only thing I didn’t like the recipe called for chocolate chips that I would not use for whatever reason, because they do contain sugar. You can see the result of it: it couldn’t be called not only Death By Chocolate, the taste of cacao is so light, I would not know it is there if I didn’t add it myself in the first place. Maybe it is because I used raw cacao powder? Who knows? I am sure, anyway, that even chocolate chips would not change the colour of my bread so …

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Chocolate molding

Chocolate molding

Are you creative? Do you like handcrafts? I love it, and I am sure you do, too. I want to talk about chocolate making. It can sound like artistic and challenging job, and it truly is. But you can try your hands on right away if you have right ingredients! As I told you before, for chocolate you will need: 1. Cacao powder + cacao butter + chosen sweeteners if any + added toppings (dry ones, please!) 2. Chocolate (can be 100%, cacao mass, and you add whatever you like to it) 3. Cacao butter + carob/powdered berries and fruits + toppings. Most of the how-tos don’t tell you that mixing is not enough. I do: you will need to temper the mixed mass. I have several videos on tempering. Then you need to mold it. Chocolate bars molds are incredibly rare to see in Thailand. I have them in …

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Superfood cacao recipe

Start your day with good dose of healthy nutrients! 1/4 cup cacao powder, 2 cups milk, 2 tbsp honey, 2 tbsp of cacao butter, 1 tbsp carob powder, 1 tbsp maca powder. Please see video for details of how to make cacao drink.

Best uses for cacao nibs!

Best uses for cacao nibs!

Top up your muesli/granola/fruit salad Add them to shakes for protein boost and chocolate flavour Cover your truffles Add it to nuts/dried fruits snacks Add them to your chocolates for crunch Replace chocolate chips or nuts in baking Brew beer with them – homebrewers successfully do that! Infuse honey or syrups with cacao nibs Infuse of alcohol drinks Eat them by itself. If it is too boring, just cover them with your chosen sweetener and let them dry! At my shop you can purchase cacao nibs, raw and roasted, at 800 baht per 1 kg. You can buy 250, 500 gr and wholesale as well. Please contact me in a messenger with further questions and order.

Easy banana ice cream!

Easy banana ice cream!

Goodness of bananas and cacao in one. I mixed 2 bananas and 1 tbsp of cacao powder. If you do that with raw bananas, you can freeze the mix in popsicles molds. If you want same or another intricate shape of your ice cream pop, you will need first freeze banana, then blend them with cacao. That is because molds like in my picture are flat lay, so you want your mass to be not liquid, but more stable, so it doesn’t leak away.

Chocolate protein balls

This recipe was posted yesterday by Anastasia Leaf. I’m so grateful for her to inspire me to work on protein snacks even when my fridge is already full of them. I made half portion and replaced dates with stevia extract because I try to avoid sugar even healthy version of it in dry fruits. They are turned out creamy and wonderful, though for me stevia conflict with taste of cacao. I’m sure with dates they are even better! I used: Half cup of cashew, soaked overnight a little over half cup of cacao powder 1/4 cup of coconut oil 1/4 cup of pea protein 1 tbsp of stevia extract 1/2 tbsp of lemon extract More cacao powder for dusting

Mango Mousse Raw Tarts

I didn’t want to make intricate raw desserts before, so this is my very first try. It is so overly incredibly delicious, that I beg you to try that! As a starting cook on a raw dessert path, I took the proven recipe here: The initial recipe is incredibly beautiful, but two main my worries were: 1) I don have tarts holds with removable bottom. 2) I don’t want to go far away to purchase berries So what I did is I went to the closest market and bought mangoes that are in season now. Another not that big issue is that I don’t want to use any sweeteners except stevia extract, and I know that taste of stevia can conflict with chocolate. But in this recipe it is balanced with salt and other ingredients and doesn’t stand out. I will list my changed ingredients here: Base: 100 gr …

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