Chocolate vs chocolate compound

Many people LOVE LOVE LOVE chocolate products, be that bars or chocolate cakes. But do you really know what you consume when you buy chocolate products?
It’s a very common for bakeries and manufacturers to use chocolate compound instead of real chocolate.

The reasons why are:
– compound is crazily cheap! It’s at least 5 times cheaper than chocolate.
– it is heat stable. It contains solidified palm fats so it keeps it shape even in hot surroundings. Usually it’s labeled as vegetable fat or oil.
– it is easy to hold and shape because doesn’t require tempering. You can melt and mould compound with ease.

Chocolate consists of cocoa mass (it has both cocoa powder and butter altogether) and sugar. Some chocolate bars also include lecithin to prolong shelf life.
Compound consists of numerous components. Do you want to consume all of them? Nowadays many people try to make best efforts to include in their diets foods as clean as possible which means short and easy to understand list of ingredients.

Other than that, what is main difference in compound is that it replaces cocoa butter with palm oil. They are very close by it’s qualities: calories, number of saturated, unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are not very different.

So what is the problem? The thing is cocoa butter replaced with hydrogenated palm oil, which is even more heat stable and easy to transport product. During the process of hydrogenation its qualities change dramatically, most of fat goes straight into saturated form and transfats appear.

Do you want high levels of saturated fat with your food and transfats included?

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