Cocoa Beans

Cocoa Beans

Cocoa beans is the source of many of products in my shop, so I love and truly respect them, They are rich source of minerals and vital elements, that we are craving thinking of chocolate. Cocoa beans are the purest form of chocolate possible, the base and the start.

Can you eat cocoa beans? Surely, you can.

Roasting and peeling the shell of surely make eating them more enjoyable.

Cocoa beans sold at Clean shop by weight. 1 kg is 500 baht, 500 gr is 300 baht. If you want, you can ask me and I will sell you 250 grams for 200 baht. Flat shipping rate within Thailand is 100 baht.

Yes, you can buy them in bulk and get huge discount. Ask your friends, maybe they want cocoa beans too?

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