Cocoa nibs

Whose hands are holding those gorgeous nibs right now?
Maybe it’s a mom trying to make superfood healthy treats for her kids?
Or a chef decorating a new dessert?
Or raw foodie using them as natural chocolate chips?
Maybe it’s a blogger who tries them as an amazing background for food creations?

So what are those nibs are becoming now?
What will they become?
So interesting to know…

Can you imagine how many uses exist for cocoa nibs?

The smell is so chocolatey and texture is crunchy.
They can be ordered in different sizes.
They can be raw or roasted.
They are totally natural cocoa and nothing is added.
They almost free of shell. You can find little pieces of shell here and there but 90% are free of shell.
They are safe and healthy.
They are grown and produced in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

They are yours for a small price. 250 gr is 250 baht, 500 gr is 450 baht and 1 kg is 800 baht.
Wholesale orders get discount.

Flat shipping fee is 100 baht and free delivery for orders of 1500 baht up.

Write me, create with cocoa nibs!

What would you like to make with them?

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