Daily sugar intake

How much chocolate a day can you eat?

It is of course the question of personal preferences but today I want to talk about sugar.

I use coconut sugar for my chocolate, and the ratio is quite low, from 20 to 35%. You can see it on the wrapper.

Normal bar of mine weights 80 gr. Which makes sugar content to be 16 to 28 grams for 1 bar, depending the kind of chocolate.

Recommended sugar intake is less than 10% of daily consumed calories.

How to calculate this? All the standards you see on products are calculated on average norm of 2000 calories per day. It is very average and for people who don’t work out or do not work physically all day long but sit nearby laptop are way too high.

Women who are on diet and try to lose weight, to say, consume around 1200-1500 calories a day, it is on the lowest side of standard. The average calorie intake depends on your physical activity, goals, work routine, current weight and so on.

Ok, let’s work on example of golden 2000 calories (which is high, I remind again). 10% of this is 200 calories. Only 200 calories you can spend on added sugar (not sugars that are initially in fresh fruits and vegetable). Added sugar is everywhere, from bread to canned fish.

200 calories of sugar is 50 gr of sugar. It is actually quite a lot. With this amount you would be able to eat 3 (three) 80% chocolate bars. It would be not reasonable if you look at calories in chocolate, but today we are talking about sugar only. If we to compare it – let’s compare with white chocolate. It is made half of sugar, so 100 gr bar can set you at 55 gr added sugar immediately.

So it is much better for your health if you stick to bitter chocolate. Oh, my protein chocolate contain even less than 20% of sugar, and Carob Whey Isolate doesn’t contain sugar at all!

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