I want to make my own chocolate!

I want to make my own chocolate!

I want to make it because I want to control my sugar intake.

I want to make it because I want to get super creative with addings and toppings.

I want to make it because I want it be vegan and milky in the same time.

Whatever is your reason, I fully understand your desire.

I offer plain strictly plant-based no sugar added products that are solid base for your creation. There are 3 simple variants:

1. Cacao mass. Cacao mass is grinded and conched cacao beans. It is like chocolate but consists only of cacao beans and nothing else. There is no sugar or lecithin or whatsoever. It is very fine. If you melt it, it will become liquid. This is how you can add sweeteners to it. Please notice that powdered sweeteners will influent the texture. Before tempering, please add all ingredients that you want to change the taste. After tempering, pour it to molds and add toppings if desired.

I’m offering cacao mass both from roasted and unroasted raw beans.

2. Cacao butter + cacao powder. Cacao butter is the base for any chocolate. When you melt it and add cacao powder, you get very close alike to cacao mass.

Again, I have both raw and roasted cacao butter and cacao powder.

3. Cacao butter only for white chocolate. It can be carob chocolate or berry flavoured white chocolate. Please add powdered milk or protein powder of your choice and sweeteners. If you wish chocolate be fruits/berries flavored, they should be freeze-dried and blended into powder before mixing them with cacao butter. Dry fruits and nuts can be added as toppings.

There is much more to be learnt about chocolate making. I will try my best to provide you with clear detailed information. Meanwhile, I am very glad to talk with you, so please message me if there is anything I can help you about desserts/chocolate making.

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