More on transfats

Let’s talk some more about chocolate vs chocolate compound, saturated fats and translates, should we?
Some times ago medical science considerate unsaturated fat as good and saturated fats as bad. Not it’s quite opposite, and all is about their effect on blood vessels. You can research further in this subject, and I try to keep it brief.
As you I posted yesterday data, both cocoa butter and hydrogenated palm oil are high in saturated fats. Generally, nowadays it doesn’t considered obviously bad, but.

The thing is not all saturated fats are equal. Some raise cholesterol, some do not. Why is it so? Because they consist of different acids: lauric, stearic, palmitic and myristic. So chocolate gets a good reputation as its cocoa butter consists of stearic acid that doesn’t raise LDL cholesterol. Palm oil with its palmitic acid are in much more shady area and may be the cause of inflammation.

More than that, no medical science institution can call transfats beneficial for health. Quite opposite, solidified vegetable oils found to be harmful.

I would sincerely suggest to stick to real chocolate every time you crave for dessert with chocolate. Chocolate compounds are used widely, so be careful.

I know, chocolate is melting. Get the very next best thing – cocoa nibs. They are whole food product, that went through minimal changes and processing. They are just broken cocoa beans, free of shell.

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