Manufacturing is hard. Seeing the end result and pleasure of customers is satisfying but many parts of the process is hard work.

One of the hardest part is sourcing ingredients.

As many of you may know, I started as a manufacturer. When I was creating ice cream, I was searching for quality ingredients. One of them was good cocoa powder as on Koh Phangan where I was living at that moment, it was not available.

I tried around 10 different kinds of cacao powder and gathered customers opinions. I found The Best (it was not the cacao that I am working with right now), and got it ordered in bulk.

I remember my great disappointment when I received the box with 2 or 3 bags of cacao powder ruined. Powder covered all the bags, all the box inside, and it was hard damn work to clean all the mess. It was even more sad because the powder was expensive, and part of it was lost, of course.

So now, working of supply end, I take all measures that I can to prevent this happening to you.

I heat seal all smaller bags. I tape all the bigger ones. Then, if it’s possible, I add one more layer to prevent cocoa flying around even if the inner bag breaks during the shipping.

This is how I work. I hope that all my products get delivered to you safely.

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