Sweeteners in chocolate

I am eager to choose healthiest sweetener for my products. I know it is still sugar and carbohydrate. But chocolate sweetened with stevia tastes disgusting. It is on the edge of uneatable. Stevia doesn’t mask the bitterness of cocoa at all, quite opposite, it adds very unpleasant bitter presence of its’ own.

If you don’t feel this bitterness in chocolate saying it’s sweetened with stevia, ask yourself what you are really eating. There are lot of products on the market that says they are Stevia, but in fact they mixed up with inulin, maltitol, sorbitol and erythritol. They all are able to cover the bitterness of chocolate. They also used instead of sugar in some chocolates.

Why I don’t used sugar substitutes? I believe they are unhealthy because they cause stomach distress, ruin the healthy gut flora. I personally suffer for about 6-12 hours after I eat anything with sugar substitutes, depending on kind of substitute. I would call maltitol being the worse for myself.

I am aware that there is a certain limit of healthy sugar daily intake. My 80% dark chocolate contains 16 grams of sugar, and Clean.Basic contains even less. With 2000 calories diet the limit of sugar intake is 50 gr, and average person consumes 76 gr. My chocolate comes quite harmless in this relation.

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