Truffles and bonbons

Truffles and bonbons

What is truffle and what is bonbon?
The terms are often used interchangeably, but there is a difference.

With bonbons, the shell is made with molds, and then it is filled with ganache. Later on, it is sealed with more chocolate.

With truffle, the ganache is prepared first. This ganache is much harder than one used in bonbons. Because ganache (or filling) in truffle should be cut or scooped out and rolled. The filling is bonbons is soft.

After it is cut or rolled, ganache often dipped in chocolate and decorated. Many choose not to dip truffles into the chocolate and roll them into cocoa or matcha or whatever powder/crust. I find this to be amateurish and like to dip all truffles into chocolate before rolling them into flakes/powder/nuts/etc.

Choose your truffles and bonbons in the list following. DM for order and leave a comment and we will contact you!
• Key Lime
• Raspberry
• Rum Truffles
• Salted Caramel
• Sesame Truffles
• Matcha Truffles
• Vanilla bonbons
• Coffee Hazelnut
• Extra Dark Truffles
• Strawberry truffles

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