What is Clean Chocolate?

What is Clean Chocolate?

⭐️It is a chocolate clean of unnecessary ingredients. There are no emulsifiers, no refined sugar, no dairy and nothing other than:

Cocoa beans
Unrefined coconut sugar
Cocoa butter (in 70% and 65% varieties).

It is totally vegan and paleo-friendly and often keto-friendly. Varieties like 100%, 90%, 85% are not sweet and rich with a healthy fat.

✅80 gr bar costs 185 baht, and varieties are: 100%, 90%, 85%, 80%, 70%, 70% with nibs on top, 65% mint/chilli/lime/orange. So 10 bars total that can be found in places around Chiang Mai and ordered online.

If you are lucky, you can also get a jar of chocolate coconut spread (cocoa beans, coconut flakes, 10% coconut sugar) and truffles/bonbons, made totally from scratch again with unrefined whole foods.

➡️Please visit the Shop section on my page and message me to order/if anything is unclear. I am always here to give details and information on pricing/delivery/ingredients. Leave “+” in the comments to get more information.

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