When did you find out that you love chocolate?

When did you find out that you love chocolate?

  I would tell you about myself. I didn’t like chocolate in my childhood. I loved caramels.

Back before when I was a child, a Russian was a Soviet Union, and we had deficiency of all kind of products. I remember coupons. They were not discount coupons. They were given each family each month so you can buy everyday groceries.

Say, you need to buy a loaf of bread. So then you take a coupon that says how much of bread you are allowed to buy (according to number of family members) and money. Then you come to the store, hand over a coupon and money, and get your bread.

So, that deficiency meant that even such a small thing as a condensed milk was not available. If some shop had it available, a lucky person who saw it and bought it, went everywhere to tell friends or called them on a phone. Then friends would go and buy it, if it’s quick enough.

Back to chocolate, at my childhood the only chocolate that was available was bitter chocolate. Needless to say, I didn’t like it.

Later on, around 1991, the flow of imported goods allowed us to try bubble gums (oh My!! a dream of every kid) and milk chocolate. It was amazingly delicious! But when I tried first chocolate with bubbles in it, I was in love.

And as a person who loved caramels and all things dairy, I was in love with white chocolate.

How life changes, now then I look back, I think my life nowadays is more like a dream, that I get to walk between cocoa trees and make pictures to show you.

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