💚Is your chocolate vegan?
➡️Yes, it is totally vegan. It is made of plant ingredients & contains no refined sugars.

📦Can you send it to Bangkok/Samui/Nakhon Si Thammarat/Koh Lipe/etc?
➡️Yes, I can. I send it with Kerry Express, and delivery takes 1 day to Bangkok, 2 days to normal locations and 3 days to distant islands and villages.

🚚How much is delivery?
➡️I use Kerry Express official rates. For smallest box that fits 3 bars of chocolate or 500 gr block, it is 60 to 70 baht, depending on the area. For the next size box it is 90-100 baht.

❓How do I store Clean Chocolate?
➡️In the tropical climate you have no other choice but to store chocolate in the fridge. If you have room temperature always under 24C, you can store chocolate without the fridge, of course.
Please pack it in an air-tight container to protect from other food smell.

❓How long can I store Clean Chocolate?
➡️The shelf life is determined by shelf life of the ingredients. With dark bitter chocolate, it is two years in the fridge. With bonbons and truffles, it is 2 weeks in the fridge. With white or milk vegan chocolate, it is 3 months in the fridge.

🍫What is Clean Chocolate made of?
➡️Only basic and necessary ingredients. 100% – cocoa beans. 80% – cocoa beans, coconut sugar. 70% – cocoa beans, coconut sugar, cocoa butter. 65% – cocoa beans, coconut sugar, cocoa butter, food grade essential oils.

❓The chocolate is hard out of the fridge – what should I do?
➡️You can simply let it lay down at the room temperature. If it’s a bar of 80 gr, 5 to 15 minutes maximum is enough. If it’s a block of 250 gr, it may take couple of hours to make it slightly softer.

❗️Why there are plastic bags on your chocolate bars?
➡️Because all the chocolate is sold now in the fridges. The plastic is meant to protect the product from condensation and smell/water of other products. Some stores sell bars without plastic bags on them. I often send bars without any plastic, especially when so is requested.

❌I do not support usage of plastic at all.
➡️I can send you bars and blocks without any plastic at all. It will be all paper and cardboard. If you are in Chiangmai, you can also get truffles/bonbons/bar with fillings without any plastic packaging on your request.
I cannot send truffles to other cities without plastic, because they require ice gel packs made of plastic.

❓How do I use Clean Chocolate blocks?
➡️You can let them soften at room temperature and cut it to make hot drinks, use for baking. You also can melt it and mould into bars with your chosen toppings.

❔What is so special about Clean Chocolate?
➡️It is made with only few necessary ingredients. It is made from cocoa beans unlike many chocolates made from cocoa butter and cocoa powder. It doesn’t contain refined sugars and made with organic coconut sugar. It doesn’t contain lecithin to maintain the best flavour profile.

❔Who are you?
👩🏼My name is Elena and I set the registered Thai company, Coconut Planet Co., Ltd, to produce products that I believe in. These are allergy-friendly healthy products that are as good as traditional ones.
I have a family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦- and we all are Russian and live in Thailand for over 12 years.

❓Where is your shop located?
➡️I don’t have a shop, it is a production space. I partner with cafes, shops and restaurants in Chiang Mai, Samui and Bangkok which you can visit and enjoy meals, drinks and buying other products as well as Clean Chocolate.

🚚Where do you ship to?
➡️Most of my products are distributed in Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Phuket and Samui. I send to other cities, villages and islands of Thailand. I can send it to any country, really, but with limitations due to the heat sensitivity of the products. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

❓I am on Paleo/Keto diet – can I still eat chocolate?
➡️Yes, you can! My chocolate is made with coconut sugar, which is a reliable sweetener for the Paleo diet.
For keto diet: please see the following nutritional count:

100%: F42 P9 C21,5 Net Carbs 7,2; Calories 503,5

90%: F38 P8 C27 Net Carbs 14,4; Calories 483

85%: F36 P7,5 C30 Net Carbs 18; Calories 473

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