Sweeteners in chocolate

I am eager to choose healthiest sweetener for my products. I know it is still sugar and carbohydrate. But chocolate sweetened with stevia tastes disgusting. It is on the edge of uneatable. Stevia doesn’t mask the bitterness of cocoa at all, quite opposite, it adds very unpleasant bitter presence of its’ own. If you don’t …

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Chocolate wrapping

This is how I pack all experimental chocolate bars that are not included in Clean Chocolate and Clean.Basic series. This one is milk chocolate, bean-to-bar. Do you want one? Message me and get it promptly 🙂

Raw cacao powder use

What do you do with raw cacao powder? It is made to use in its raw state without heating. You can use it in shakes, raw desserts and treats. Please scroll through pictures for several examples.

Gluten free brownies price

How much a brownie cost? Even better, how much is gluten-free brownie cost?   Here I have calculation according prices for products in my shop. Cassava flour (gluten-free), 1 kg 160 baht. Cacao powder, 1 kg is 750 baht. Dark bitter chocolate, 1 kg is 1500 baht. Other product: salt, vanilla essence, butter, eggs, coconut …

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