70% Chocolate Bar

185.00 ฿

Clean Chocolate 70% is sweet and has a classic flavor of dark bitter chocolate without off-taste of lecithin or commercial chocolate made by mixing cocoa powder with the butter.

The taste is fresh and prominent because all Clean Chocolate is made of cocoa beans only. Beans are roasted, peeled, and crushed right here.

There are no cocoa powders or emulsifiers added.

70% means 70% content of cocoa products. For one manufacturer to another, the actual content varies. It may mean 70% of cocoa beans or can be 30% of cocoa powder + 40% of cocoa butter (in case of mass production).

In Clean Chocolate it actually means that 70% is cocoa beans + some amount of cocoa butter, and 30% is coconut sugar.

80 gr bar.

F31 P7,3 C38 Net Carbs 29

Calories 452


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