Chocolate Bars With Fillings 59 gr.

150.00 ฿

70% chocolate shell with different fillings. They can be mixed and matched to make an individual set for you.

Vanilla Cream – Recent addiction with coconut milk based filling, creamy and delightful.

Peanut Butter – sweetened homemade crunchy PB. Calories 354   F27  C28,5  P8,5

Coconut Butter – coconut butter mixed with coconut cream and coconut sugar. Calories 315   F20  C27  P4

PB&Jam – homemade crunchy PB and homemade raspberry jam. Calories 310   F20,7  C27,8  P6

PB&Caramel – same crunchy PB&vegan caramel. Calories 325,5    F21,8  C42,8  P6

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