Coconut Butter

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Coconut butter is just dried coconut meat and nothing else. It was thoroughly ground into a paste. No salt or oil is added.

It is sweet by itself and can be used as a spread on bread or to add to snacks or baking.

As all nut butter, it tends to separate and oil comes to the top. Just mix it when it is opened. If it is cold, put a jar with coconut butter to a bowl with warm water, and it will become more liquid.

Two possible states of coconut butter: hard (out of the fridge) and liquid (room temperature).

It is nice and paste-state with a temperature around 25C.

220 gr./Jar

Coconut Butter

Serving size 1 tbsp: Cal93    Fat 9   Protein 1  Carbs 3,5

Toasted Coconut

ButterServing size 1 tbsp. Cal 95   F7,5  Protein 1 Carbs 7

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