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Clean Chocolate

Don’t sacrifice your diet. Eat clean and choose products with a minimal list of ingredients

Clean Chocolate is a small chocolate production in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. We produce bean-to-bar Thai Vegan chocolate and related products for people who care about their health. All these products are safe to eat for people with dietary restrictions and allergies. We work hard to treat you with high nutrition desserts. Our desserts support your health and boost your energy level with every single bite.

The History of Clean Chocolate

We provide bean-to-bar locally sourced Vegan chocolate, nut and chocolate spreads and other treats with a short list of ingredients, sweetened with organic and unrefined coconut sugar. Clean Chocolate was created with thought toward people with food intolerances and restrictions due to allergies. We hope to serve customers who prefer healthy alternatives in their daily diet or wish to try chocolate, peanut butter and other delicacies with fewer ingredients but great taste.

Ordering with Clean Chocolate is easy and prompt. The orders are received and shipped fast, thanks to our cooperation with the best Thailand delivery service providers.

We are always happy to see your messages, and do our best to offer good advice and appropriate information.

Benefits of Eating Clean Chocolate

of Ingredients

Easy to read and understand ingredients.

Many bars are made of only two ingredients: cacao beans and coconut sugar.


Lecithin is used to make chocolate stable.

It is unnecessary in the chocolate, and if you feel the same, Clean Chocolate bars are for you.


Alternative to white table sugar (which is normally used in any chocolate production).

Is produced locally thanks to Thailand’s bountiful nature.

Bean-to-Bar Thai Chocolate

…is full of health benefits thanks to the high content of freshest cacao available

Reduce risk
of Heart

Low Sugar Options for Diabetics

Our Specialty

Bean-to-bar Thai chocolate

Clean nut butter and spreads

Small chocolates & vegan truffles

Try Clean Chocolate
at only 200 baht!

Discount price!

Vegan • Clean Sources • Clean Taste • Clean Life • Thai Chocolate

Shipping included
Special offer at a reasonable price
Order all 12 Clean Chocolate samples

Shops & Restaurants That Trust Clean Chocolate

We are proud to partner up with restaurants, cafes, and shops which are dedicated to providing healthier products to their customers

Customer Reviews

Vegan • Clean Sources • Clean Taste • Clean Life • Thai Chocolate

We are grateful to our customers for writing about their experience with Clean Chocolate. We are working for you and trying to improve our service in every way possible. This is what customers talk about the brand

Clean Sources • Clean Taste • Clean Life

Vegan • Clean Sources • Clean Taste • Clean Life • Thai Chocolate

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