Cacao butter

Cacao butter is freshly made product with gentle nice smell and smooth texture. Sold in solid chunks of 250 gr weight. Can be used in creation of cosmetics, food delicacies and bakery. Perfect to add in chocolate products.

Cacao mass

Cacao mass, 100% cocoa, no sugar or additives. Perfect base for making your own alternations in chocolates and chocolate-based desserts.

Cassava flour

Fine cassava flour is perfect for gluten-free baking. It lends to great wheat flour-like texture and is delightful to work with.

Cocoa nibs, raw and roasted, two varieties

The best alternative to chocolate chips. Natural crunch and all-natural goodness of cocoa beans, shelled and broken to snack on easily.

Cocoa powder, raw and roasted, two varieties

Fresh and made to order cocoa powder. Comes in 2 varieties: raw or roasted. Rich source of antioxidants and amazing chocolate flavor that you can use to enrich any of your end product.

Coconut butter

Coconut manna or coconut butter is not same to coconut oil! This product is made by grinding dry coconut flakes into paste.
Can be used as a spread same was as any nut butter.
Use it freely in smoothies, sauces, baking and desserts.

Dark chocolate 80% with coconut sugar

Rich taste of chocolate with small percentage of sugar. You barely can taste any sugar in this chocolate, so it is great for adults as is or can be alternate to suit tastes of those who prefer chocolate sweeter.

Homemade peanut butter without sugar

All natural peanut butter, where ingredients are only peanuts and 0,1% of salt. No sugar or preservatives. It is the perfect base to build up the flavour and level of sweetness that you prefer, great product to use in your baking, desserts or sauces.
Two varieties: smooth and chunky.

Raw Chiang Mai cacao beans

Locally grown without chemical residue or pesticides used cocoa beans, raw, unchanged.